tantra yoga

the essence of our most authentic self reflects qualities of the supreme being ~ love, wisdom, compassion, creativity, courage, and joy. this is our natural state. the suffering that we experience in all of its myriad forms ~ anxiety, fear, grief, attachment, to name only a few ~ is created by the mind and deposits its residue in the body, which hinders us from residing in our true nature. yoga is the process in which we tap into the body’s hiding places through asana (postures), uncovering the density of our physical holdings to reveal the truth of our essential being. from there we move off the mat into our lives to embody the change we wish to see in the world, a journey which is vast and deep. through it we discover that everything is yoga.

the meaning of tantra is comprised of two root words ~ “tan” meaning “to stretch” and “tra” meaning “beyond all limits”. quite literally, tantra yoga is an opportunity to reach beyond our self-imposed limitations to live the fullest expression of who we are, and to drop the illusion that there is separation between us and the higher intelligence that connects us all. tantra yoga weaves the elements of visualization, mantra, chanting, mudra (hand postures to encourage a particular energetic seal), kriya (cleansing techniques), vinyasa krama (intentional sequencing of poses with breath), and pranayama (controlled movement of breath), fostering a complete experience of the union that is yoga’s purest intention.