the somatic experiences of yoga and conscious dance have transformed my inner landscape from fearful self-loathing to compassionate curiosity. i believe that these practices have been gifted to me from spirit and my soul’s deep longing for connection, and that my life’s work is to be of service by sharing my passion for movement as a potent catalyst for transformation.

my offerings

i am not currently facilitating regular movement classes. i am available for workshops and private sessions for small groups and individuals and can be reached by phone at 469.363.0868 or by email.

bhavana in motion: the practice

“with eyes let us see what is good.
with steady limbs, with bodies, praising, let us enjoy the life allotted by the gods.
what is, is pure being; what shines, is pure consciousness; what is dear, is bliss.”

~ bhavana upanishad

the sanskrit word bhavana means “to call into existence through deep connection to feeling and experience”. bhavana in motion™: the practice is a tapestry of three principal elements ~ tantra yoga, conscious dance, and creative expression, interwoven with shamanic ritual, meditation, breath, and the whisperings of deep silence. each experience is unique, anchoring into a theme and sequence of elements that change shape each time we practice. we learn to trust our bodies’ organic wisdom and feel our way into what is possible when the rhythms of our bodies and minds are in alignment with our hearts’ desire, the clarity of truth, and the earth that nourishes us. we then explore how we can take this practice into life. some basic yoga experience is helpful; no dance or meditation experience is required.


while on the road to recovery from a spinal fracture and battling an eating disorder, i began practicing yoga in 1994. for the first six years of my practice i was self-taught using videos, books, and my inner knowing as my guide. in june of 2000 after experiencing my first class in a studio setting, i was called to touch as many people as possible with the healing powers of yoga. from there it was a swift and humbling pilgrimage to the inception of my teaching journey, which began on december 9, 2000.

i am a 200-hour registered yoga teacher with the yoga alliance, my formal yoga teacher training is in the para yoga® tradition inspired by yogarupa rod stryker, and my dance teachers are michael and anneli molin-skelton, co-creators of sine cera movement, a conscious dance experience based out of port townsend, wa. my teaching style is reflective of my 24-year immersion in the yoga teachings of para yoga®, iyengar, vinyasa, and kundalini, and the intuitive nature of conscious dance. all that i ask when you come to my class is to be where you are in your practice and with yourself, and to bring an open and receptive heart. i am humbled and honored by the opportunity to hold space for you.