conscious dance

conscious dance is prayer in motion where the mind yields to the body’s knowing. it is an invitation to allow fluidity, joy, resistance, celebration, and darkness, all in the same experience, as ceremony, with delight, in a greeting of what is next, and welcoming the process of life in all of its complexity and revelation of the human condition.

sometimes there is music, sometimes only breath. sometimes we mirror our shapes to another as a way of understanding ourselves. sometimes we dance in solitude and learn to be alone, together. sometimes we scream. sometimes we shake our hair loose. sometimes we lie completely still. there is a delicious absence of needing to perform, no standing in the corner waiting to be given permission. the dance becomes ours for the taking and it becomes the dance of life, where freedom of expression becomes our native tongue.

click here for an article that i wrote for the dallas holistic networker, sharing more about my personal experiences with conscious dance practice.