“martha graham said, ‘dance is the hidden language of the soul.’ bhavana in motion is the therapy that counsels my soul. no expectations. no choreography. let go. just be. the music informs me, and the dance grows organically. self-doubt fades while genuinely honoring myself through the practice. all negativity rolls off my body, the sweet sweat of the dance. when i leave liz’s class i am still mortal, but i take away a powerful feeling of acceptance and honor for myself. my path becomes brighter. later on, when i get on my yoga mat at home, my body no longer allows the practice to remain static; i love that! i am grateful to be part of this beautiful, breathing, beating, dancing tribe. liz, the beacon at its core, calls the tribe to let the dance speak to our souls.”
lori conley, dallas, texas

“bhavana in motion opened me up and helped me grow in ways i never thought possible. liz is a gifted teacher and if you are simply open and willing, she guides you on a journey of the soul, mind and body. each time, i get what i need. i have become so open and free in my dancing, i have been challenged with yoga poses, and the judgments i held in my mind have been blown to bits! i am thankful for liz and for bhavana in motion, and i look forward to each dance!”
linda lee tritton, dallas, texas

“liz offers a creative crucible where sound and thought and heart and body converge to stir up new levels of awareness and joy. just the tone of her voice places one in a receptive mode of mindful/heartful presence and participation. she sparkles in this her beautiful dharma of giving. her instruction is clear and enabling, dancing truth of self – hers and ours.”
mark head, dallas, texas

“it is a real treat to be held in the dance in a space of sacred mindfulness and attention. liz provides beautiful spaciousness which allows me to find my dance swiftly without distraction. i am able to dive deep into my practice, fully embodied, empty-minded (the yoga is great to open up first!).”
mati vargas-gibson, dallas, texas, certified 5rhythms teacher