“liz is a true professional, a joy to work with and an inspiration. her warmth and generosity has brought together a fabulous and vibrant community of dancers. through her own healing work with 5rhythms, conscious dance and meditation, she is a living example of the power of transformation. now her path brings her to share this same healing with others. we are fortunate to have such a force among us bringing the light of liberation into the world.”
lucia horan, master teacher of 5rhythms

“to be produced by liz tucker is truly to be held in a sacred art form. as a workshop leader being held by liz i am nurtured and nourished in her temenos of commitment, dedication and determination. her attention to detail, her creative capacity and vision, her affinity for expecting the unexpected with calm and grace allow me to relax and align solely to the task of teaching. it is like having a silent and invisible hand supporting and comforting the back of my heart. i become expansive and expressive standing in the soil she has tended and tilled. liz creates an environment where both the participants and the workshop leader can bloom.

if you are currently being produced by liz consider yourself blessed. it means that she loves the work that you are offering into the world and that she will leave no stone unturned connecting your work to those needing the gifts and medicine that you offer. i am indeed blessed to have been held in her sacred art form of producing for the past 7 years and more importantly i am blessed to have her as part of my intimate and immediate family.

p.s. liz is truly an amateur producer…from the french which means ‘lover of’. you know instantly she loves what she is doing.”
michael molin-skelton, los angeles, ca, co-creator of spiritweaves

“liz was clear, articulate, and timely in her written and phone communications with me, and responsive to all my needs and suggestions regarding both the event and my needs around accommodations, food, rest, airport rides, etc.; these may seem like small details, yet it is when all these details are attended to, i as a presenter feel fully supported, cared for, and enabled to do the best possible job delivering the workshop. in her contact with the participants liz was personable, warm, inclusive, and attentive to individual needs. her love for conscious movement, apparent in her own work as facilitator and other life choices, was helpful in assuring the success of our endeavor.”
zuza engler, www.transformativedance.com