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on spinning ~ 8.16.2015 playlist

dear dancing souls, my deepest desire is that you enjoy these playlists as much as i love bearing witness to all that moves in you. all love, liz wave 1 ~ boundaries II | archetribe uno | ludovico Einaudi maya | benjy wertheimer & john de kadt basique | little people ney | bahramji feat. […]

on spinning ~ summer solstice playlist

it was, as always, a great honor to hold space for my beloved tribe, ecstatic dance austin. your willingness to drop in so fully was nothing short of holy. thank you. please enjoy this playlist from our dance on sunday, june 21st. i hold you close to my heart. all love, liz wave 1 ~ […]

on beginning again

tomorrow is the day that i begin again.  a new job.  returning to an environment that i know well and that i thought had not always served me.  yet i have found a deeper understanding of what it means to serve.  and be served.  being discerning about what i want to bring along in my […]

on unplugging in woodstock

i went on an amazing hike today. as i walked into the woods i felt the presence of steven harper and his time honored tradition of bowing in and out of the forest. i felt the joy coming up through my legs as i remembered my vow of reverence, honoring the sacred. each time we […]