living art collective

our human responsibility is to recognize creativity as the core of our very aliveness. creative energy feeds our vast range of abilities ~ to grow our own food, make babies, play a basic musical instrument, to sew, tell stories, relate to animals and to nature’s seasons, to dance, to play, to dream. we have the capacity to capture this energy through art. it is one way of communicating the immensity of the creative pulse that connects all of life, while also honoring the depth and breadth of the human experience. art has the potential to be the source from which relationships are formed ~ relationship with mystery, with self, with other, and with art itself.

living art collective™ is a somatic experience that combines visual art installations and live art demonstrations, with audience participation and community collaboration through conscious movement and creative expression process. it elicits participatory knowing as a multidimensional access to reality that includes not only the intellectual knowing of the mind, but also the emotional and empathic knowing of the heart, the sensual and somatic knowing of the body, the visionary and intuitive knowing of the soul, as well as any other way of knowing available to human beings. my core belief behind this practice is that if you experience art through the different dimensions that together make us human, the works you see will enter your life in significant and memorable ways.

if you are an artist of any media and are interested in co-creating with me, please call me at 469.363.0868 or send me an email.

a schedule of upcoming living art collective™ experiences is coming soon.