i am a transpersonal ecopsychologist; human environment designer; and conscious movement facilitator, curator, and producer, who is passionate about elevating the consciousness of the collective. i hold my master’s degree in transpersonal psychology with concentrations in creative expression process and ecopsychology, which is the study of the interdependent relationship between human beings and their natural or built environments.

as a truth-seeking visionary i have sat in the center of my own shadow. i know what it takes to crawl out from the darkness, create a life of abundance and expansion, and find the absolute joy of truth. the potent alchemy of my life experience, creative vision, transpersonal education, and proven leadership have brought me here to this place, where i am uniquely qualified to be a steward for the infinite evolutionary process that happens in each of us.

my mission is to guide you through your personal journey of self-discovery, holding you in a sacred, compassionate, empathetic space as you cultivate sanctuary from the outside in, deeply rooted in your sense of place ~ within the home, through the body, and resting at the center of the heart.


be received