i’m glad you’re here. let’s get to know each other.

first and foremost, i am a connector – in the board room; at the closing table; and on the dance floor, the yoga mat, the meditation cushion. i believe in real conversations and deep inquiry that transform the lives of individuals and organizations.

my professional life has expanded beyond the traditional mindset of livelihood. while making a living within the corporate culture, i have thrived as a healing practitioner rooted in transpersonal psychology principles and my adherence to movement as medicine. the potent alchemy of my life experience, creative vision, transpersonal education, and proven executive leadership make me uniquely qualified to be a steward for the infinite evolutionary process that happens in each of us, and how that shapes our personal lives and our work.

my mission is to fluidly integrate my executive expertise, entrepreneurial stamina, and healing wisdom to bring connection alive in all beings, within any environment. my resume can be found here.


be received